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Lots Of Local Businesses Aren’t Getting The ADSL Broadband Speed They’re Paying For! Why Be One Of Them?

In some areas BT has rolled out Fibre based broadband, unfortunately many of us are still reliant on older ADSL based broadband for our Internet connection. If you are still using ADSL then chances are you’re paying for a broadband speed you probably cant actually get or a service that’s not right for your business requirements!

The trouble is, your ADSL broadband speed is affected by how far your location is from the telephone exchange. The further away you are, the slower your broadband — no matter what speed you signed up for!

But distance isn’t everything. We’ve found the difference between the actual quality of service delivered by UK broadband providers is pretty astounding. You’d think the same copper wire running back to the exchange would deliver pretty much the same service whatever provider you chose, right?

Wrong! Once your copper wire gets back to the exchange and onto the suppliers network anything is possible! Your supplier can throttle back speed at certain times of day or for certain types of traffic or to give priority to other customers. In fact there are a whole host of measures your supplier might implement that can affect the delivery of your ADSL broadband service.

Did you know the actual make of router / modem you’re using and the socket, filters and wiring within your business premises can also have a dramatic impact on the ADSL broadband quality you receive?

Over the last couple of years we’ve dealt with nearly all the major ADSL broadband suppliers and over that time we’ve helped hundreds of local business get the correct broadband service to match their business requirements.

Whether its simple browsing to heavy duty uploading to using a Voice Over IP telephone service we’ve used our experience to get the best out of the ADSL broadband services available in your area.

Don’t  keep paying for services you cant get or that aren’t fit for purpose! Let us help you get the most out of your ADSL broadband……

What we can do for you…

* We can test the distance of your line to the exchange and the actual quality of the line to give you a better understanding of what broadband service is right for your business.

* We can assess your router / modem, sockets & filters & phone wiring to ensure your own equipment isn’t limiting your broadband service!

* We offer a range of broadband connections that we can tailor to your requirements based on the actual connection speed you’re likely to get and what applications you use the internet for.

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