EFM Broadband

EFM – Ethernet in the First Mile – The new Internet Leased Line service

EFM, Ethernet in the First Mile, is a new affordable leased line service for businesses needing more reliable connectivity than possible with any broadband service. EFM offers between 2Mb and 10mb/s of symmetrical un-contended connectivity to the Internet backed up by 24×7 support and service level agreements, guaranteeing availability and data rates, something not available with normal DSL based business broadband services.

Guaranteed Upload and Download Speeds
By upgrading to EFM your business is moving to the next level, from broadband to a business class leased line service, where your connectivity is un-contended, reserved and guaranteed for your business. EFM is not like a broadband service where bandwidth is contended, or shared by multiple users.

Cost Savings

Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) offers massive cost savings compared to traditional fibre leased lines services because it is delivered over existing copper phone infrastructure thereby avoiding the need for fibre installations. EFM can deliver 5x the bandwidth compared to a 2mb/s E1 which used to be the entry level leased line service, and at about half the price.

With pricing starting From £191 per month for a 2mb/s connection, and only £350 per month for a 10mb/s connection, EFM is widely anticipated to experience rapid growth as leased lines now become affordable to a much larger market of small to medium size businesses that may have been put off in the past by the high cost of traditional leased lines.

Ethernet in the first mile (EFM) is delivered over existing copper infrastructure giving you the benefit of avoiding expensive fibre installation costs and of having additional resilience because if one copper pair fails, the other lines will be able to maintain connectivity.

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