BT Versatility Telephone Systems

BT Versatility Telephone Systems

bt_versatility_ccuBT Versatility Control Unit
BT Versatility can be what you want it to be. It can expand from 2 lines and 8 extensions up to 16 lines and 32 extensions. Extra modules can be added as and when you need them.

Impressive Featurephones provide easy access to more than 50 call handling features, from call transfer to call barring and account codes.

“Direct Dialling In” gives each extension it’s own number allowing external calls to be made directly to the extension- no more double handling of calls.

The addition of Voicemail and auto-attendant can make missed calls a thing of the past – even when your office is closed.
Caller Display lets you know who is calling. You can even route calls from specific numbers to predetermined extensions.
The Hospitality option enables guest houses, small hotels and other businesses to bill-back call costs.

Network your PCs and share Internet access
The Internet Module opens up a whole new dimension – connects multiple PCs to the Internet over ISDN2e or ADSL broadband. Add one of our cabling packages to create a Local Area Network of up to 32 PCs.

versatility_voicemailBT Voicemail
Never miss another call. Carry on doing business long after your office is closed. Customers can use voicemail to find out when you’re open – or to place orders 24/7.

Opt for our new BT Versatility Advanced package and you will benefit from up to 20 hours storage. Up to 8 people can use it simultaneously. Ideal for larger offices.

Need to record a call? Advanced Voicemails basic call recording lets you do just that – start at the beginning or middle of the call, then forward it like a voicemail message.

Custom Call Routing makes it easy for callers to get to the right queue – press 1 for Sales, 2 for helpdesk etc. It can also be set up so callers can dial people by typing a person’s name into their telephone keypad.

All BT Versatility voicemail modules provide:
– Individual mailboxes can have tailored, updateable greetings with message alert – – facilities on the BT Versatility phone.
– Mailboxes can be allocated to groups eg Sales. When a message has been left, a – – – lamp glows on all BT Versatility phones in the group.
– Phantom Mailboxes are not tied to a specific extension or group. Ideal for out-of– hours messages or promoting specific services.
– One touch Recall – call the person who left the message without dialling.
– Messages are password protected and can be retrieved whilst on or off site.
– Available in 2 or 4 ports

Auto Attendant
The Auto-attendant facility makes it easy for regular callers to reach the people they want, without waiting to speak to your operator. The Courtesy service to play recorded announcements that tell customers about offers, opening hours and alternative ways of reaching you, such as your web site.

If you don’t choose the VT Versatility Advanced package, two alternative voicemail modules are available:
– 2 Port – Two hour messaging capacity. Two users can simultaneously access Voicemail to record/listen to messages.
– 4 Port – Four hour messaging capacity. Four users can simultaneously access Voicemail to record/listen to messages.

versatility_digitalDigital Line Cartridge

The BT Versatility Digital Line Cartridge allows 2 additional digital lines to be added to the system.

versatility_alogAnalogue Line Cartridge
The BT Versatility Analogue Line Cartridge allows two additional analogue lines to be added to the telephone system.

versatility_ext8 port extension cartridge
The BT Versatility 8 port extension cartridge allows eight additional extensions to be added to the telephone system.

versatility_backBT Versatility Expansion Backplane

The BT Versatility Expansion Backplane

versatility_handsetBT Versatility V Telephone
– Basic call handling
– on-hook dialling
– Caller Display
– message waiting lamp
– pre-programmed feature keys for popular functions
– 7 one touch memories

For occasional use in warehouses, storage areas and hot desks. Ideal for hotels as it includes a data port for connection of a modem.

versa8_featurephoneV8 Feature phone
– Large display
– 8 programmable keys
– Excellent handsfree performance
– Message waiting light
– Data Port
– Headset socket
– Wall mountable

versa16_featurephoneV16 Featurephone
– Large backlit display,
– 16 programmable keys for lines, extensions or features
– Excellent handsfree performance,
– Message waiting light,
– Data Port,
– Headset socket,
– Wall mountable

xp_consoleBT Versatility XP Console

Expansion console which bolts to a V16 Featurephone. Provides an extra 32 programmable buttons for lines, extensions and features. Ideal for operators.

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