Have You Considered a Leased Line?

Why consider a Leased Line?

One of the questions we are most frequently being asked today is How can I guarantee the call quality and improve business communications overall? This arises when businesses are either considering a plan to meet the challenges of the inevitable migration from  ISDN  lines, when considering  installing SIP trunks or VoiP and also when looking to improve business communications in general.

What is a leased line?

A leased line is a dedicated, fixed-bandwidth, symmetric data connection ..so what does that mean to my business on a day to day basis?

Dedicated fixed- bandwidth.

By definition, leased lines are ‘dedicated‘. This means that all along the route of your leased line, the bandwidth you have chosen has been reserved solely for your business.

It is likely that now the bandwidth available to your business will fall at peak times, when other customers of the same Internet Service Provider, try to use their connections at the same time as you. In short, with a dedicated leased line the service is consistent with none of the slowing down often experienced.

Symmetrical data connection

Data can be uploaded at the same fast speed at which it can download data. This is especially important when carrying calls over the line and guarantees call quality. Websites can be hosted from a server in your office and sizeable files can be uploaded to your website. More and more companies have employees working remotely and a Leased line means that they can access their work PC`s desktops from home.

Although most of our customers consider a leased line to guarantee call quality when reviewing their telephone system and exploring the flexibility and cost savings offered by IP technology, the other benefits are too important to overlook:-


The recent headlines and the introduction of General Data Protection Regulations has every business considering the impact of a security breach regardless of the type of business. As a leased line is yours and yours alone, dedicated to your business and the traffic is not broadcast through the air this improves security of your data and customer information.

Reliability and support (is this right?)

All lease lines carry an SLA unlike a STD public Broadband giving you extra peace of mind. In addition, the line is proactively monitored, and  the network backed up by experienced engineers and a  24/7  support team to ensure your business stays online.

Leased lines and the internet

It’s common for companies  to opt to buy Internet access at the same time as buying  a leased line. As a leased line is NOT the same thing as an Internet connection but acts as it is a conduit for carrying different types of data traffic which can include (phone calls, internet traffic and corporate VPN traffic) Often our customers use a Leased Line for VoiP calls initially and add Internet Data later if they are in a contract elsewhere. There is no requirement to buy internet access on a leased line.

What sort of investment is needed to secure a Leased Line?  –

The cost of a Leased line has fallen and can now start as low as £160 .00 per month.

So whether you are looking at a more flexible, cost effective telephone option, enhancing security or a more reliable data connection and all three ,call or email for more information.

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