BT, as the largest supplier of ISDN lines, have announced that they are migrating away from ISDN and PSTN lines and in a few years time (2020) and will no longer be supporting them ahead of the 2025 switch. Commonly referred to as “ The Big Switch” will make way for SIP trunking and Hosted VOiP Solutions.  In fact , the demise of the ISDN line and PSTN lines is partly due to the number of Businesses already migrating to VoiP, to both save costs and utilise the new generation of technologies to improve business practices.

What are SIP Trunks
SIP is the latest technology allowing voice calls to be made over the internet (VoiP) SIP trunks can be used to provide low cost ISDN replacement lines, providing high quality, cost effective telephone lines with the flexibility that comes from using the internet. This service complements or replaces your existing analogue or ISDN lines connecting to your existing telephone system. Unlike ISDN lines, they can be enabled immediately and provide the same functionality at a substantially lower cost. You can also have any geographic number to suit your business and an unlimited number of lines.

The Alternative -VoiP
VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a way to make phone calls using the internet instead of a landline. You can make calls to and receive calls from other VoIP users, mobile phones and ordinary landlines. The integration between conventional telephone or ISDN lines is undetectable to callers.

How does it work?
Just like a modem, converting a digital signal into analogue for transmission over a phone line. A VoIP phone converts sound into digital packets (using SIP protocol) making it suitable for transmission over the internet. If you make a call to another VoIP phone, the opposite process happens at the other end. If you make a call to a mobile or landline, your VoIP providers’ gateway decodes the call and sends it on as an ordinary voice call to the telephone exchange.

Why use it and who benefits?
Small to medium-sized businesses with several employees, especially those with multi-site offices and teleworkers, are likely to get the maximum benefit from VoIP. It cuts your business telephony cost; all calls to other VoIP phone users are free and other calls are usually competitively priced.

You can configure the system to give whatever impression you want to customers. If you have associates or employees in other areas of the UK or even abroad, you can give them all extensions on the same number, or their own numbers with the same area code as your head office. No one knows whether you have “real” office or a virtual one.

Hosted systems

The Cloud Phone System

‘Cloud based phone system’ is a relatively new term meaning phone service that is delivered through the Internet. In this terminology, the “cloud” is the internet. A synonymous term would be Internet Based Phone System.

The Cloud Phone System gives you a feature rich business telephone system over the Internet without the need for expensive hardware and complicated installations. No matter what business you’re in or the size of your organisation, we have the right solution for you. Whether it’s called an Internet based phone service or a cloud based phone system, a Virtual phone system delivers a high level of feature sets, without the need for an upfront capital outlay like you would have with an on premise based phone system. It makes features like call recording, voicemail to email and contact centre reporting a very cost effective option for even the smallest company. With cloud based technology the systems the systems are constantly being developed and improved without any disruption to your business or additional costs.

Remote Working

As more companies` are adopting a remote working policy to improve productivity the Hosted solutions offers tremendous flexibility. By using the Mobile App a mobile phone can be synced with the phone system, so the mobile will ring and all the calls will be recorded by the system and included in the phone stats as standard. There is no need to divert calls and by using Wi-Fi there is no additional cost. Your customers will see your primary business location whether you are at a home office, another site or even abroad. Voicemail to email as standard ideal for field staff and all company communications are accessible in one place, in one go.


We have all come to expect to be given options when we make a call into a company rather than having the call redirected via a switch board and being to be put on hold while waiting to be redirected. The Auto Attendant facility saves valuable resources as well as improving Customer Service.

Call Centre Reporting 

We are seeing an increase in the number of companies taking advantage of the facility to record calls to improve customer service, monitor performance and share good practice.  Monitoring of call statistic is becoming common practice providing useful data for both future business planning and effective performance management.

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