GSM Gateways

Reduce the cost of your office calls to mobile/cell phones

GSM Gateways or Fixed Cellular Terminals (FCT) enable your business to manage down the high cost of calling mobile/cell phones from your office. In many countries there is a significant additional premium in calling a mobile phone from a landline, particularly compared to calling from another mobile or cell phone. Using a GSM gateway or fixed cellular terminal can dramatically reduce the cost of calling mobiles/cell phones.

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) is the technology used by most mobile/cell phone operators and over 80% of the worlds mobile phones use GSM technology. GSM Gateways or Fixed Cellular Terminals are effectively mobile/cell phones connected directly to your office telephone system. Using these devices, calls from the office system are diverted to the gateway/FCT converting your landline to mobile/cell calls to mobile to mobile call. In many countries mobile/cell operators offer call rates that provide much lower cost for calling mobiles to mobiles compared to landlines to mobiles/cell phones. In these countries there can be major benefits in deploying GSM gateways and the payback period for such devices can be as low as 3 months.

As an example, in the UK calling mobile phones from a normal landline can cost between 9p/minute and 15p/minutes depending on network. The major networks sell both cross network and own network tariffs from as low as 4p/minute, giving potential saving in excess of 50% of the cost of calling mobile/cell phones from your office landline.

GSM gateways range from single SIM versions up to 128 SIMS and beyond bringing the benefits of a GSM gateway to even the smallest of business customers. Coupled with our low calling costs, implementing a GSM gateway can slash your office telephone costs even further.

Selecting the correct GSM Gateway or FCT can bring the added benefit of providing resilience to your VoIP system. We can provide VoIP enabled GSM gateways/FCT’s that can also offer a backup for outbound calls in the unlikely event that your broadband connection fails. We can also offer GSM Gateways that incorporate either FXO ports or Basic Rate ISDN ports meaning your business can achieve the benefits of VoIP and the cost savings of a GSM Gateway in the same device.

In countries such as the USA, where the cost of calling a cell phone is lower as there is a cost for receiving a call, GSM gateways provide minimal cost benefits but can still offer additional resilience to your VoIP service..

We supply VoIP enabled GSM Gateways/FCT’s; programmable digital or analogue devices and standalone FCTs that connect directly to your office telephone system. VoIP GSM Gateways or Fixed Cellular Terminals allow a business to connect all their locations, including international sites, to the device maximising the savings to the business. When integrated with our VoIP solutions this provides a powerful telecommunications system ensuring your business has the most cost effective solution to its worldwide voice communications needs.

GSM Gateways or Fixed Cellular Terminals come in any size from 1 SIM upwards. 1 or 2 SIM SIM devices are suitable for small businesses where a large proportion of their traffic is to mobile phones. These smaller devices are commonly known as Fixed Cellular Terminals or under brand names such as Primacell. FCT’s can be either standalone, connected to analogue office telephones or to ISDN circuits as appropriate. More sophisticated FCT’s are programmable, allowing them to be connected directly to the office telephone system without any changes to the system.

In many countries, we are able to offer these devices with SIMS to optimise your business communications. By combining the Fixed Cellular Terminal with your business mobile contract we can offer even greater savings, often including a subsidy on the cost of the FCT.

For larger business, with multiple locations, or high volumes of calls to mobiles/cell phones a more sophisticated GSM gateway may be required.

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