The New Generation of MD ..Life in the Cloud

Thursday morning and the traffic news playing on the radio makes me smile …heavy congestion on the M6 , both North and Southbound and tailbacks for  over 5 miles  due to incident in the roadworks. Although this we all know is not an unusual announcement, substitute any Motorway network , today it doesn’t send my blood pressure up, as I am working remotely from my home office. Coffee in hand, I walk to the office for an early start avoiding the traffic congestion and theft of my available working hours.

I turn on my mobile, check that I am logged into the WiFi ( as this means that the calls that are automatically transferred from my desk phone to my mobile are free)   and switch on my laptop and I am ready to see what the day has in store for me.  So what is on the agenda today ? Progress meeting with the team on the new launch, update with the technical guys on an ongoing project and a scheduled Sales presentation with a prospective new client besides the usual and whatever the day throws at me.

My email tells me that John has rung the phone on my desk to say his team has completed the assignment, they have all been working on as agreed and is now stuck in traffic on the M6. I like the way I no longer have to pick up voicemails and that they are automatically emailed to me to listen to.

The first call of the day is from Paul to tell me about a break-in and report that his laptop has been stolen. Not good news, but merely inconvenient as all our information is cloud based. The IT guy has turned off the laptop and of course none of the files are available without a security log in for the hosted desktop and are safe and secure and accessible from any device. Paul can continue working, no disruption to business and all the clients information is automatically encrypted, as we are ahead of the game, with our GDPR Policy thanks to tech guys forward planning. Disaster recovery they call it. Not so long ago this sort of incident would have been a major disaster, but not anymore. I like the peace of that gives me as MD and the Sales team tell me that it has also helped with a number of tenders and we always include the details in our SLA’s nowadays as an example of best practice.

I see the reminder of the Conference call at 9.30am. We are all logged in and ready to go. John has stopped off at the services to take part and the rest of the team are either in the field or at the one of the sites. Progress looks good and on schedule for the new launch and I know this is partly due to the way they have been able to collaborate remotely. They are working on the same documents and presentations simultaneously, with no need to wait for someone else’s input. After years of circulating minutes of meetings and action points, I just summarise the action points, responsibility and timescales and recording  is circulated and we can all proceed.

The use of a Hosted phone system and Hosted PC Desktop has transformed the way we are able to work and so much of our time is productive and not location driven for our team or our customers. In fact, next month I will be working from a location which has far more sun and will require a passport.

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