financeCapital investment decisions are critical to the financial viability of all organisations. Whether you are a sole trader, government body or an international conglomerate, the principles are still the same. A poor investment – or no investment at all – could leave your business in a position where it cannot compete effectively in the marketplace. Key to this decision is not just what to invest in, but how to finance the investment.

Even for cash rich companies, leasing and finance options provide a wide range of business benefits, from taxation savings and budgetary control to maintaining existing lines of credit or working capital. We have a clear understanding of what you – the customer – requires from a leasing and finance package.


  • An excellent way to budget for future expenditure. All rentals are fixed for the duration of the agreement thus allowing you to accurately budget for future expenditure.
  • Possibility for off balance sheet financing.
  • Certain agreements offer taxation savings as all rentals may be allowable against corporation tax.
  • You can preserve your existing lines of credit or cash position for your business working capital requirements.
  • You can arrange for the regular rentals to be in line with your budgeted expenditure by altering the length of the agreement.
  • You can pay VAT on each rental as opposed to when you purchase the equipment.
  • The agreement is a medium term facility, which cannot be
    withdrawn, provided the rentals are made. The uncertainty that may be associated with overdrafts, which are repayable upon demand, is removed.
  • It is not uncommon for your IT requirements to change in the future, there arising a need to alter an existing agreement you may have. With this is mind, we can offer an agreement that allows flexibility to upgrade equipment over the duration of your agreement.

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