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Telephone System Relocation Service


You may be perfectly happy with your current telephone system, in which case we will provide you with a simple, efficient and hassle free relocation service where we will re-install all of your required old equipment to fit into the workings of your new premises.

Planning an office move takes a great amount of planning and resources. Let us at Bluebox Integration  take as much of the stress of moving your telecommunication systems away from you, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the move confident in the knowledge that everything is in hand.

Bluebox Integration has extensive experience relocating and upgrading telephone systems. By developing a complete, timely, and professional plan, we will ensure that we meet all of your relocation needs. Our proven plan consists of 5 main segments:

A relocation engineer meets with your organization to analyse the current system to determine your needs. The engineer will also then visit the new site.

You will then receive a detailed plan and timeline of what needs to be done when and by whom. We can coordinate relocation of your telephone system, coordinate the voice and data wiring of your new space, including the selection and ordering of all telecommunication services. We will create a detailed time and cost budget for all work. With a solid plan, you will have a clear sense that everything is structured and that any difficulties will be addressed.

Our professional staff of technicians will monitor the move by making sure equipment is properly staged, packed, labelled, moved and reinstalled properly.

All network equipment will be set up and tested by our technicians to ensure all systems are configured and working properly before your first day of operation.

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The Bluebox Integration Relocation Engineer assigned to your project will remain on site for as long as necessary to ensure a smooth transition and to quickly resolve any problems that may arise after the move.

With a large number of successful moves under our belt, we at Bluebox Integration are confident that we are the best people to help you.

Please contact us, request a call back or phone us for FREE on 0800 040 7122 and let us help you make your relocation as stress and hassle free as it possibly can be.

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