Audio Conferencing

Audio Conferencing

Blubox’s preferred partner for audio conferencing is Konftel.
Konftel 100The Konftel 100 is the optimal conference phone for the smaller meeting room. It provides perfect sound quality with all the functions for every conferencing requirement. The smarter way to hold regular meetings.

Now you can hold a meeting anytime – regardless of distance and pressing schedules. Konftel makes telephone conferencing the ideal alternative, providing an opportunity to bring people together and hold spontaneous meetings to reach instant decisions. Konftel conference phones are all equipped with the unique OmniSound®-feature – optimal sound for totally natural, crystal clear communication.

Meetings made easy!
With a range of up to 30 m2 the Konftel 100 is ideally suited for smaller meeting rooms.

Everything you need is at your fi ngertips on the stylish and uncluttered keypad. Simply place the unit in the middle of the table and make your call.

Key controls at your fingertips
The Konftel 100 has volume control, a mute button and an R-button for multi-party calls. In other words, the most important functions for your audio conference. The Konftel 100 also has a special conference button (CONF) for storing your most frequently used number.

OmniSound® – crystal clear sound

Walk and talk freely around your room with consistently high quality sound. There is no irritating sound clipping, damping or echoes. OmniSound® produces natural sound in both directions (full Duplex) as well as 360° sound pick-up and reproduction. An ultra-sensitive microphone provides omni-directional sound pick-up and three built-in surround speakers provide crystal clear sound through the room.

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Konftel 300The new Konftel 300 is nothing less than revolutionary. Never before have so many unique and innovative features been packed into a conference phone.

The Konftel 300 – you’ve never heard anything like it The new Konftel 300 is nothing less than revolutionary.

Never before have so many unique and innovative features been packed into a conference phone.

How about the conference guide that makes setting up multiparty calls an easy task? And the SD memory card for recording calls? And a line selection mode that allows you to switch between and combine three connectivity technologies?

The Konftel 300 is also ideal in larger contexts as you have the option of adding expansion microphones, a wireless headset and the PA system too. It goes without saying that the Konftel 300 delivers ultimate sound quality, based Omni-Sound®2.0, a brand new generation of Konftel’s patented audio technology.

Last, but not least – the Konftel 300 has an intriguing Scandinavian design that will enhance any conference table.

– Advantages of the Konftel 300
– OmniSound® 2.0, a new generation of audio technology.
– USB connectivity allows the phone to be usedfor VoIP calls.
– The line selection mode enables you to combine and switch easily between connectivity technologies – analogue, USB, MOBILE.
– Conference guide for easy set-up of multipartycalls.
– Record and listen to your meetings with an SD memory card.
– Wireless headset can be connected.
– Optional PA system can be connected.
– Optional expansion microphones can be added for larger conference rooms.
– Can be upgraded with smart features, making it future-proof.
– 2-year warranty

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