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After salaries, overall communication costs are the largest single office expense. These costs are usually unmanaged, increasing and out of control.

Bluebox Integration offers management and reporting solutions that give companies the ability to track and control telephony, internet, data, e-mail. Network capacity and capability can be measured, helping you to make accurate decisions about requirements for your business.

Call management is a sound business investment for thousands of UK organisations whatever your industry. If you want to track sales teams, support environments or contact centre agents, monitor employee’s telephone, internet and e-mail usage, control costs or predict peak business times, our solutions do all of these things and more. If you have internet and e-mail in the building, then you should be monitoring usage.

Our call management solutions have a familiar MS Outlook feel with its user friendly interface. There is a vast range of standard and easily customisable reports available, easy to install, use and maintain.


– Telephone system management
– How many non-business related calls are being made from your company every day?
– Is your PABX fed with the optimum number of lines?
– Are these lines linked to the most efficient network carrier for your needs?
– How many customers does your company aggravate, or worse lose, through abandoned – calls and unacceptable ring times?
– Does your staff use premium services more than necessary?
– Which department or individual incurs the majority of these costs?
– What time of day are your phones most/least busy?
– How much direct feedback is generated by specific marketing campaigns?

Call management can be used in a wide variety of departments within any organisation featuring full call management software, live ACD call statistics, a scrolling ‘ticker-tape’ agent view plus built in E-mail & internet monitoring.

The concept of the product is MS Office™ for the communications part of the business providing information, to enable managers to obtain a wide range of reports that show telephony and data usage in their business.

The ‘Today’ screen shows a real-time, at a glance view of telephony and data usage. Information on live ACD call statistics assists any company that needs to monitor a group of agents in a contact or call centre. The scrolling desktop wallboard feature runs on your screen, no matter what application you are working in, providing fully customisable agent views.

In short, any company or organisation with a telephone system can benefit from using communications management software to monitor costs, productivity and efficiency.

– Full call management reporting with wide range of reports
– Integrated live ACD Stats
– Ticker-tape scrolling or tile view of live ACD stats
– Ideal for contact centres & any business with a phone system
– Microsoft Outlook appearance – familiar and easy to use
– Integration of voice recording files with call management reporting
– Network reports show internet sites visited, e-mail use and user activity
– Web Reporting and monitoring
– Multi-site capability
– Built-in alarms and fraud prevention to highlight telephone system abuse
– Includes custom build database utilities
– UK based support, design & integration
– Simple on-line software registration
– Easy to install and maintain with reliable stability

Call management solutions are more affordable than you might think, contact us for more information.

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