Telephone System Headsets

BLUEBOX supply a wide range of headsets including both corded, cordless and USB headsets from various manufacturers:

Agent W880 Cordless HeadsetThe cordless agent W880 headset was specially developed for intensive use in and around the workstation. The extra battery compartment in the headset base station (called the hotswap function) means that your cordless headset is always ready for use. The battery can be replaced and charged even while a call is being made.

The external port for an electronic hook switch, featured as standard, means that telephone calls can be answered and ended remotely. Making and receiving calls is no problem at all, even in busy office environments. This is because the noisecancelling technology built into the microphone ensures that background noise is kept to a minimum.

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agent500AGENT 500, 600, 700 and 800 HEADSETS
Agent 500These top of the range agent headsets offer all the features of big brand names, but without the price tag. There is a different solution for every working environment, whether you work in a noisy call centre, busy office or work from home.

Key Features
– Single ear headsets ideal for working from home or double ear headsets suitable for a noisy office or call centre environment.
– Voice tube or noise cancelling microphone versions available
– Soft foam ear cushions
– Adjustable T-bar, headband and microphones boom for personal comfort
– Robust construction
– Quick disconnect feature allows you to quickly disconnect from the bottom half – cable, whilst still wearing the headset
– CE approved
– 2 year warranty

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The CS60 offers wireless, hands-free headset convenience and long range workspace mobility.

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