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Transform your on-hold button from a standard feature to an information resource.

Surveys reported that the absence of sound or music during hold time results in an astonishing 60% caller hang-up within the first 60 seconds.

Hold Time can be productive for both your business and callers to your company. Why waste dead time when you have a captive audience. According to surveys 88% of consumers prefer hearing a message or music on hold rather than other options when waiting for a call to be answered.

Advantages of on-hold messages:
– Increasing sales opportunities
– Enhanced corporate image
– Less caller frustration whilst on hold
– Relieve pressure for your telephone staff
– Reduced number of abandoned calls
– Complement existing advertising campaigns
– Feature current specials
– Shorten perceived holding time

It’s important to be flexible
We realise that different businesses have different needs so we give you the freedom to choose the music, voice and style. A scripting team is on hand to advise you and a production team will offer creative ideas. A vast library of non-copyright music is available from contemporary to classical music, depending on your preference.

Comfort messages with background music are a nice way of letting callers know they’ve not been forgotten. Bluebox Communications Ltd. can supply the comfort message of your choice in either a female or male voice and with the music style of your choice.


Bluebox Communications Ltd. offers Tru Serenity, a compact, easier and faster to install solution, which has no moving parts to deteriorate and aligns itself with lifestyle products central to today’s culture. It even excels on power fail. Most CD Players need to be restarted by an engineer. Tru Serenity auto restarts, so downtime and site visits are kept to a minimum.

Tru Serenity comes with license free music & messages, so it’s truly plug’n go. Most people are at ease with MP3 use, as well as SD cards in digital cameras, so we offer technology that’s part of everyday life.

Tru Serenity is not the first digital MOH unit of its type, but it’s well priced, fast and simple to install and easy to operate. Virtually all of us listen to some form of digital music media in our personal lives, so this is just a natural extension. Tru Serenity is UK manufactured so you can rely on it being in stock.

Tru Serenity Benefits:
– Most widely used memory technology (MP3)
– Auto restart on powerfail
– High and low impedence outputs
– Supplied with licence free music and messages
– Includes separate USB SD reader (for MP3 transfer from PC or laptop)
– Works with all regular SD memory cards
– Solid state reliability – no moving parts
– Very easy to install and download music
– Compact design for discreet installation
– Compatible with all phone systems (lead supplied)
– Front based volume control for best access
– Simple user guide
– Manufactured in the UK

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